Unwanted Penguin?

Post your unwanted penguins here. Example: User:EmoGirl12 Pass: ilikepieandyouknowit

No spaces in password.

And please, we will delete your comment if you ban that account.

Rules for password box:

1) No banning! It is not our fault if your penguin gets banned. It is yours. You’re the one who put the penguin on this page.

2) No wierd comments. This topic is about penguin passwords. No talking about meeting people on Club Penguin, MSN, or Yahoo! Messanger. The topic is Penguin Passwords.

3) No putting on fake passwords or accounts.

4) No impersonating.

5) No personal imformation in your comments please! We have already had that problem.

6) If you have a penguin, and someone bans it, one of the members from our team will leave a reply saing ‘banned’ or ‘not’.

7) We do not email accounts! Don’t leave your email, because we don’t email accounts.

8) Leave your websites off. Put those on the ‘Tell us your website’ page.

9) Please don’t spam. We will delete your comments if you spam.

10) No repeating! Don’t repeat accounts. The person who made up that name should have credit. If you put your freind’s account on here, leave their name, please.

And finally…..

11) Please read these rules before you post a comment. And remember, NO BANNING!


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26 08 2009

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